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The benefits of indoor plant hire have been well established; living plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and release moisture into the air.

The most common benefit of plants is their aesthetic appeal. Many an area has been positively transformed by the strategic placement and selection of plants and decorative containers.

Plants are beneficial to your health and work environment:
Research has proven that indoor air pollution is the cause for many of our common and sometimes more serious health issues including headaches, fatigue, toxic and allergic reactions, asthma, infections etc.

This situation is known as ‘sick building syndrome’ and this is where indoor plants will help, due to the fact that they continually clean the air removing Carbon Dioxide and dangerous airborne chemicals such as Benzene & Formaldehyde. They will also improve humidity and add oxygen back into the atmosphere.

So apart from being extremely attractive and relatively inexpensive, they also improve your work environment! Other benefits include:

  • Improve staff health and morale and reduce stress.
  • Make an indoor area more welcoming.
  • Reduce light reflection and help in noise absorption.
  • Soften harsh areas and hide imperfections.
  • Used as barriers to direct traffic or to partition off an area.
  • Plants and containers can be used to reflect cultural images.

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