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CWI Container Irrigation Insert – Interior

Product Description

The CWI container irrigation insert is a self-watering system designed to be dropped into most cylindrical and slightly tapered decorative pots. For over 30 years Tournesol’s proven vacuum-sensor watering system has precisely controlled moisture levels in the soil, watering the plant when the soil starts to dry. The oversize reservoir allows for refill intervals up to four times longer than typical hand watering (up to 2-4 weeks for interior plants, 1-2 weeks for exterior). This moisture control, when combined with sub-irrigation (watering from the bottom) makes the CWI the most water-efficient of all irrigation for pots & planters.


Rotationally molded Linear Low-Density Polyethylene material, or polypropylene, depending upon the size model.


Each CWI interior insert is closed, and will not drain. They are perfect for interior applications, or places not exposed to rainfall. They will not sweat or leak, protecting expensive floors and carpets. They require no saucer or dish.

CWI inserts are typically used in shorter round containers.

Stage up under the bottom of the CWI insert with foam, gravel, sand, or any other non-porous space filling material. The lip of the insert should be approximately 1″ below the rim of the pot.


CWI inserts are inventory items, and small quantities typically ship within 3-5 days from order. Larger quantities may take up to 2-3 weeks. They are typically available in unit quantities, with a discount for ordering in cases.

Other Information

CWI inserts are delivered with a standard black rubber plug for normal use.

Plugs, sensors and grommets are items that will typically need to be replaced every 3-5 years. Spares are available online through Lushpots

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