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CWM Modular System

Product Description

CWM Modular is a versatile self-watering system designed for use in any large planter, freestanding or otherwise. Reservoir modules are linked together and buried within the pot. The hand-filled reservoir utilizes Tournesol Sitework’s vacuum-sensor system to precisely monitor the soil moisture in the container, giving plants exactly the amount of water they need. The CWM Modular provides optimal flexibility for use in virtually any shape planter, will not interfere with lighting or other electrical connections, and requires no plumbing.


Rotationally molded linear low density polyethylene modules
Braided PVC connector tubing
Acetal quick-snap clamps
ABS fill pipes


CWM Modular solo modules are designed to be used by themselves, not connected to other modules. Each solo module has both a sensor and fill tube, and is extremely simple to assemble and install.

CWM Modular systems can be used with 2-5 modules connected in multiple configurations (see technical information page for details). One module will have the fill tube, a separate module will have the moisture sensor. Additional modules (referred to as secondary modules) have neither.


CWM Modules are assembled upon order from inventoried parts. Small orders typically ship in 3-5 days from receipt of order. Larger orders typically ship in 2-3 weeks, unless quoted otherwise.

Other Information

CWM Modules should be used in waterproofed containers.

See recommended soil specifications in the technical information section.

The fill tube of a CWM module will typically be the only element seen within the container. It will protrude approx. 2-3″ above the soil level.

Tournesol Siteworks can assist with the layout of CWM Modular container irrigation in small beds and large planters. Please speak with your salesperson for details.

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