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CWS Rectangular Container Irrigation Inserts

Product Description

CWS Planter Liners combine Tourensol Siteworks’ water-efficient container irrigation system with a leak proof planter liner. They make construction of planters walls simpler than ever – no irrigation or plumbing required. They may be used in both exterior and interior applications, and are ideal when conventional irrigation isn’t possible or practical. For longer runs, and within planter walls CWS planter liners are typically installed modularly, end to end. The flanges may be factory-trimmed to your custom dimensions, to fit perfectly into any application.


CWS Planter Liners are typically produced in black pre-consumer recycled ABS material.


CWS Planter Liners are delivered with an overflow drain hole for exterior use. Please specify if the units are to be used indoors, or should otherwise not include the overflow drain hole.

For longer runs of linear planters, simply line up multiple CWS Liners next to each other. They work especially well for planter walls.


CWS Planter Liners are made to order from inventoried material. Smaller orders can typically be shipped within 5-10 days, larger orders may take up to 4-6 weeks.

Other Information

CWS Planter Liners only require one sensor for each liner, but typically have multiple water inlet holes.

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