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FRP Fiberglass Skirted Saucers

Product Description

Tournesol Sitework’s FRP saucers are sized to naturally fit any of our FRP or GFRC containers, whether round, square or rectangle. The attractive return lip of the saucer will extend just beyond the edge of the container.


Like the name implies, all Tournesol saucers are cast in FRP fiberglass for its strength, thickness, and ability to contain water.

Saucers are typically painted to match containers. In the case of metal-infused FRP colors, the corresponding MMP paint color is typically used unless otherwise indicated.

FRP saucers may also be used with GFRC containers. Talk with your Tournesol Siteworks salesperson to discuss matching colors.


Most saucers are sized so that they won’t extend more than 1-1/2″ beyond the bottom of the corresponding pot. Some may be tighter than that, and very few will be greater.

All Tournesol saucers are of a skirted design so that the saucer appears to have a finished appearance.


FRP skirted saucers are cast to order, and will typically be prepared along with most pots orders. Saucers on their own usually ship in 10-20 days, or 4-6 weeks for larger quantities.

Other Information

CWI, CWC or CWF container irrigation inserts may weep for a short time after being filled. Putting a saucer below a container with a drain hole will capture this.

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